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We believe

music is better with friends

Listening to music has always been one of those experiences that's better together, whether at a concert or hanging out with friends. But the digital music revolution so far has been defined by a solitary experience. Deepcut is bringing the social value of music to the digital music experience by letting people experience and discover music together.

Listen to music selected by people, not algorithms.

Music is subjective. Humans make connections and suggestions that just would not occur with a computer running the show. Chances are that you will hear something great that you have never heard before.

Hang out with old friends or make new ones.

Looking for people who share your taste in music? There is bound to be someone here to talk to about the music you like, no matter what you're into.

Think you've got the skills to be a great DJ?

See if you can bring the awesome by spinning some tunes for the room and collaborating with other DJs to make the perfect flow. You never know, you might just become the hot new DJ.

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"Spotify is great, but turntable.fm is amazing."
"...the most talked-about development in digital music."
"...the most original and interesting music service to come along in years..."

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